Character changes spot despite commands...?

Hey guys. I’m having this problem with my character Anjelica. She keeps dissapearing at the end in a different spot placement than what I wrote down. I check the preview option, and the spot directing numbers are the same. But as soon as I click on spot directing, the numbers change. I don’t understand why she keeps moving to a different spot, in spite of the commands. Also, the background is the INT. COURT - DAY
All I did was reupload it as a custom background so that the built in overlays wouldn’t be in the way. It’s pretty much the same thing, but without overlays. Can someone please help me?

@ANJELICA spot 0.569 137 199 in zone 3 at layer 1 AND ANJELICA faces left AND ANJELICA is idle_rear AND GENEVIEVE spot 0.560 161 227 in zone 3 at layer 0 AND GENEVIEVE faces left AND GENEVIEVE is arms_crossed AND zoom on 792 218 to 575% in 0

GENEVIEVE (talk_sad_clutch)
I am truly sorry for your loss. And I will do everything within my power to give you the vengeance that you seek.

What could I give in return?

&GENEVIEVE is arms_crossed

A small smile tugs at the corner of Genevieve’s lips, recognizing that tact and wit that the agent before her possesses.

She understands that nothing is free, and that everything has a cost.

In a way, Genevieve can respect that.

But Angelica has a long way to go to earn the entirety of the Paladin’s respect.

GENEVIEVE (talk_neutral)
No more than you’re already doing.

&ANJELICA walks to spot 0.506 32 123 in zone 3 in 8 AND ANJELICA is idle_rear AND zoom on 804 239 to 827% in 3

GENEVIEVE (talk_neutral)
Stay on this path, and I will promote you to the rank of Knight.

@pause for 2 AND ANJELICA is flirt_fingersnap

@ANJELICA spot 0.596 132 202 in zone 3 at layer 0 AND ANJELICA faces right AND GENEVIEVE spot 0.848 168 60 in zone 3 at layer 1 AND GENEVIEVE is idle_rear AND GENEVIEVE faces right AND zoom on 789 208 to 383% in 0

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Hmm she shouldn’t be moving if you was to seperate the script a bit:
@ANJELICA moves to layer 1
@ANJELICA spot 0.569 137 199 in zone 3 AND ANJELICA faces left AND ANJELICA is idle_rear
@GENEVIEVE spot 0.560 161 277 in zone 3 AND GENEVIEVE faces left AND GENEVIEVE is arms_crossed.
@GENEVIEVE moves to layer 0 (You can shift this around depending on what you want happening first)
@Zoom in 792 218 to 575% in …

Which exact command is not working? And what spot is she suppose to be in, but what spot does the script put her in?

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@Dara.Amarie I’m trying to make her use flirt_fingersnap because of the wide-eyed expression afterwards. I only need the end result of that. And by zooming in and pulling her out of the close up, I’m trying to put her back in with that facial expression. But she keeps disappearing when the spot placement changes up. And each time I change the numbers, they change to something different right as I’m editing.