Character changing appearance on app previewed…

Anyone else having an issue where a character’s appearance dramatically changes without any sort of prompting? This is all before the customization option.

The second pic is how character is suppose to look, and first is how she’s suddenly appearing in my mobile preview. She’s fine in portal previewed though.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact if I manually search for this character (MC) under ‘My Characters’ she doesn’t appear, but if scroll down to MC she is there…

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Mmm that’s really weird. Mine sometimes does that if I’ve played through the customization on my episode, then restart. I think it just is remembering the past choices. If you want to make sure your character stays the way you created her in the portal, you could code her into her original design at the start of the very first episode. Then every time you start your episode, she will look the way you designed her to be.

If that doesn’t work, I have no clue :joy:

Good idea. It’s not a huge deal, since the player can re-customize the character shortly after that scene, but there is dialogue where that character mentions looking like another character, but then makes no sense with this blonde version suddenly appearing lol

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Yeah that’s not going to be a problem here. I don’t plan on having default anything when it comes to what’s important to the story. I’m having a problem where the MC is suddenly becoming a default appearance character instead of what I chose as her initial look.

Appreciate the input though.


oh okay, I thought you said the first pick was the original.

I didn’t sleep at all last night, so my brain ain’t working

No worries. I did accidentally label the images wrong, thought I edited that, so maybe you caught it before I made the correction.

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I get that :joy: hope everything works out!

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I have a character whose hair color suddenly changed from blonde to black.

In the last chapter, he’s normal, blonde, but in the new one, I’m writing, he’s black-haired.

I looked through both chapters… Every word, every line. I also searched with words: NAME changes…

But there is nothing there that needed to be fixed! I also don’t have customization for him, because he’s not one of the main characters.

In the end, I just placed this line in a new chapter: changes hairColor into… Now it’s okay.

Unfortunately it’s not just the hair color, it’s the whole appearance of the character. May have to try that though, and just do it for all the features. Good idea.

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