Character Coding Stuff

So this is my code right now for like the basic choices and stuff

Oh my god, I am so sorry!



choice “Be nice” {

CUSTOMMC1 (admire_happy)

It’s okay, why the hurry?

gain You_was_nice

} “Be rude” {

CUSTOMMC1 (idle_armscrossed_angry_loop)

Watch where you’re going!

gain You_was_rude


if (You_was_nice) {

CUSTOMMC1 (admire_happy)

Hi, this is random

} else {

CUSTOMMC1 (idle_armscrossed_angry_loop)

This is also random


However where what I put the code so that the other character can answer her question?
‘It’s okay, why the hurry?’

You can write it after the character says why the hurry. Keep it inside the {…} for that choice.

Yep it worked, thank you !

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