🎶 character collage shop🎶

SO UM. I’m only doing these until the end of September, meaning i will close this thread and forget about it.
with that being said, here’s some rules!

•do not request if you don’t really need it. this thread is for people who actually need a collage
•no more than 6 photos for the collages
•must have an aesthetic name for background pictures unless you already have them
•if you don’t want to look on Pinterest for what your character looks like as a person send me a picture of your character and I’ll find them

request form
picture of character:
extras? (piercings, hair dye streak)
anything else?



bye I thght this thread would be booming😭!

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U cant expect this stuff to happen overnight🤍

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fr doe :sob:

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It is annoying​:sob::skull:

Bump :hearts:

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