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This post was made for @Ara_Elle_stories and her character contest!

And this is the…
Official announcement of the character contest!

So for this contest, you’ll create Rosette’s sister, Blair from @Ara_Elle_stories story “A Whisper in the Wind”. And the design is completely up to you, but to get a idea, Rosette (Blair’s sister) has tanned skin and black/white hair because she is a wolf hybrid.


  1. No plagiarism.

  2. Please keep the entries, kid friendly.

  3. The entries don’t have to be drawn because it’s only to give an idea on how she looks but visual art is appreciated to give more information on how you think she looks.

Dino Nuggies

Password: Chicka Chicka Nuggies


Deadline: January 17th


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@olivia.episode19 @Miss_Moonlight @MysteryMaker

Sorry if I tagged you and you’re not interested. :purple_heart:


Unfortunately I won’t be joining, but it’s fine u tagged mee :revolving_hearts:

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Awww that’s fine! Love your work btw! Keep on being beautiful! (Which isn’t hard for you lol because you’re always beautiful :purple_heart:)

Chicka Chicka Nuggies

Not sure this is what you’re looking for, but…

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Thank you so much for joining!

Chicka Chicka Nuggies


Thank you so much for joining!

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