Character Contest For Mission Abort

Heyoo people! So I, @Tesbie28 and @DHANVI14 are collaborating for a story together for the very first time; Mission Abort; in comedy genre. So we are holding a character contest on instagram, you can check out the post on my id @anush_writes143 or on tessa’s id @tessa_writez. Rules and Roles are in the pics below for ig users. We hope you will participate! All the best whoever is gonna participate.

And if you don’t have instagram then tag any 6 forum users who might be interested and tell us why you want to participate
That’s it!
All the best : )
Have a good day/night!


Hey! This is a great contest! Do we participate through the forums or on Instagram? (Because I don’t have IG.) :heart:

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Hey! First of all thank you : )
And yes you can participate, just do these two thigs as mentioned:

Thank you : )

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I hope ppl will enter :pleading_face:


All the best lovelies out there!!
I was so excited to work with them and still its so much fun to work with these girls altho they can be such a pain in your butt! But still…
I hope you all enter in this contest!

And stop swearing at least here broo :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

ALL THE BESTTTT!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Got it! Sending my entry in soon. :heart:


Hey, here’s my entry!

Note: I can’t do the first and second rules because I don’t have Instagram, but I’ll promote your story and profiles to my friends and others. :heart:

Question: Comment why you want to have a role in our story.
Because if all three of y’all are making a story together, it’ll be epic! I can’t wait to see it! And it’s just fun appearing in stories. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Yeah, I’m not good at stating reasons.)

Question: Mention 5 people in the comment.
@OCEANIA @Sarah07 @Mikaelaep @Clicky @TANU3112
(Just mentioning some active forums people here. Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged!)

I’m really excited! All the best for your story and good luck to other entries! :heart::blush:


Thankyou for tagging :blush::heart:Good Luck :tada::purple_heart:


thankyou so much for entering! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Best of luck!
and thanks for sharing! :relaxed:


awww that’s so sweet, i loved your reason sm tbh :sob: :rofl:
All the very best and thank you soo soo soo much for your entry :heart: :heart:


I wanna enter!

Rule one i can follow all of u but can’t share and tag cuz i don’t have ig it’s my mother’s ig

question 2
Because I am a funny person, I would be screaming if i see myself in a story and i think ur story will be BOOM [and i am a honest person who will not let u disappoint (some line for interview :joy:)]

Question 3

Taggos @Jae27 @Swagatika @Devil_Herself @Ciley @evelynn.writes @Sarah07


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Hahaha!! Love your reason! :purple_heart::joy:
Thank you so much for your entry, all the very best :heart::heart:


Bhalo taale :relieved:


Well, I wanna participate since…

  • I literally don’t know you both, but ya’ll seem nice!
  • I LITERALLY LOVE BEING IN A STORY (I can boast like… Hey girl, Did you read that story? It’s amazing since I’m in it! lmfao sorry I’m pretty straightforward so umm yeah lmfao)
  • Oh! and yeah, even if I boast, I’m literally screaming in the inside with happiness

Well, Either way… You better choose me, or else I’m taking the cookies and am gonna eat it in front of you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tagging people!
@Ash_Jas , @Kande10 , @Chloe.episode123 , @Ciley , @Anna_Marie @Unknown_writer (sorry nish, I just had to tag you)


I already enter through insta
Anyways lets do it again…
As i mentioned their - I attached to negative characters more (even more than positive ones)
Also love to see myself in a story :wink:

@Unknown_writer @Devil_Herself @Deevas @Alishka.Writes @heather_epi


God stop tagging me I entered already!

awww haha I love your energyyy!!! :sob: :rofl: :heart:
all the very best and thanks for entering!! means so much!! :heart:

and now i personally hope you winn any spot!!! :sob: :joy: :heart:

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omg haha thank you so much for again entering and all the best!
Also, i too lovee negative characters so much sometimes and it was my idea to add that negative character as prize lol :joy: :heart:

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by the way guysssss
the deadline is 3rd january!!
so make sure to encourageee your friends and all to participate too!
All the very best to each one of you and every entry means so much to us! :heart: