Character contest time

Sup y’all.

I want you guys to be judges as well as contestants in my character contest

The person I need y’all to draw is Blair, rosettes’ sister in my.newest story ‘A Whisper In The Wind’.
I’ll post the info on it when I full understand how to do it. But like or comment on this post if you’d like to be apart of it


Hi there! I’m interested to be apart of it but I might not have time to because of school, just wanted you to know. ^^

Yeah no problem I also have school so.

I really don’t know how to do this so I just want everyone to send me a picture of what they want Blair to look like then I’ll post the top 2 or 4 on a poll then let others pick what they want and then that’s what they look like. I also would like it if you could draw her would to help me get a visual.

Also if you would like to be in my story no problem just tell me what you wanna look like and since u the first person you’ll probably be one of the main characters, like Zane’s sister

Ohhh ok. I was thinking you had a character in mind and that you wanted to have a contest on drawing the character. (Unless that’s what you mean and I’m just just being stupid.)

That’s what I mean
You would draw what Blair looks like to you and then you would show it to me then I just the top 2 or 4 and others poll it

And ok, I’ll pm you my details!

Which ever still looks best would be what it looks like in my story. No added change by me or anyone. The winning one would be exactly like how people would describe it


Tell your friends about it too

Will you give a picture of Blair?


The picture is for you to draw and then I and the people will judge

I mean Rosette sorry. (To like make them a little similar since they are sisters unless they aren’t blood related)

Yeah they are sisters

So are you going to post the picture of Rosette or leave the design COMPLETELY up to the participants?

Actually no, I’ma tell you some things about her

Ah ok.

Listen up peeps, rosette is more of a shy but confident person who never backs down from danger and her sister is sort of the same but more tamed. Sometimes rosette can come off as dangerous, before you say “here where she says she not dangerous” she is dangerous when prevoked

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Rosette has more of a tanned skin with hair that you can make White of black because she is a wolf hybrid for both and female alpha and a white wolf

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