Character continues talking animation/skipping animation

Well hello. I have a problem I just seem to not be able to understand. So when my characters talk their talk animation continues even tho I scripted another animation while the other talk.

here is an example of my script where it happens

    MAIN (talk_neutral_loop)
Well how is work going?

&MOM is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

    MOM (talk_excited_happy) +1
Really good actually! We have been expanding a lot lately. I'm hoping I will get a promotion soon!

&MAIN is idle

    MAIN (talk_holdfist_happy_loop)
That's great mom!

&MOM is idle_bounce_happy_loop

throughout that example they are talking over each other
and the (&) commands aren’t showing up.
Can anyone help?

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The “loop” animations are continuing untill you add another one. After character stops talking, you should add another animation, like “MAIN starts idle_happy_loop”.

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oh yea! thank you!

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