Character Costume Feedback- Will people understand these references?

Hello there! Due to the absolutely ridiculous, restrictive, outrageous, unfair ‘romance driven’ plot requirement, I am apparently not allowed to submit the story I wanted to submit into the Summer Contest. (Lady Episode: Rise of a Hero is going to be delayed even more) Fortunately, there is romance in some of my other stories. Unfortunately, the story that I now intend on submitting needs some feedback.

In my story, (working title: Closet Kidnapping Caper) there is a Halloween party, and the reader gets to pick out a couple’s costume for the main character and the main character’s partner. I want to make sure that the costumes that I have created (which are basically just copyright friendly versions of fictional couples) are recognizable to other people when presented the way that I plan to present them in the story.

'The Botanist & The Psychologist'

There are 3 different options for the costumes in this collection:

The reader will be given the option to change the hair color and style of the characters if they choose any of these outfits.

Can you recognize these costumes as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy?

'Red Gem & Blue Gem'

The reader will be able to give the character dressed as ‘blue gem’ blue skin/makeup if they wish, as well as change the hairstyle and color for both characters.

Can you recognize these costumes as Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe ?

'The Cowboy & The Roman Emperor'

This is the one I was the most worried about people not ‘getting’, but it is among the best couple’s costumes for two men that I could think of.

Can you recognize these costumes as Jedidiah and Octavius from the Night at the Museum movies ?

There are more costumes (and a third character that, depending on which costume is chosen for the main couple, dresses up as a character from the same franchise), but I am going to leave this post as it is for now.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I really enjoyed making these, and I hope you enjoy them too!

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These look really cool! All of them I got, except ‘Red Gem and Blue Gem’ which I though initially was Fire boy and Water girl, haha!

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Here are the costumes that another couple will wear if the reader chooses to dress the MC and LI as the psychologist and the botanist:

Kitty Woman and Bathero