Character cover art needed!

Hi, so I’m currently writing a story (not published yet) and I could really use a cover for this story! If anyone is willing to help i’d appreciate it so much! Thank you!
-Victoria Quinn xo

We will help you at EpisodeStudio

You can pm me the details and I’ll be happy to help!!!
~EpisodeStudio President

Thank you so much!

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No problem… I enjoy making art!!!

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These are some of my examples

These are great!! You’re very talented !

Thank you. Just pm me the details and I will get started…
Title of story
Author of story
If possible picture of the character(s) in outfits doing the pose you would like… and
What type of background…

It’s not letting me pm you. ):

I’ll pm u

Okay ! (: Thank you

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Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2: