Character Creation Help?

I’m trying to create characters and it will let me choose things but It wont let me preview it even after i hit save Only way to see my characters is when I preview my story. Help?

What do you mean preview?

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What device are you on still having trouble?

Where the blue scribbles are there is normally a character preview.

What device are you on?


I always preview my episodes on my phone though. so thats how i have to see my characters

Actually I think if you see the loading then you might have to wait. Anyway try rejoining or signing out and in again.

i tried signing in and out and it didnt work

Well phones might work much better than laptop.

Personally the code on the laptop is better for me.
But I guess if i have to use the phone then I will

But if anyone knows a way to fix this/ solve it please comment

Actually you could use your phone for previewing characters looks and outfits and your laptop for like your script, as in, coding, directing, and stuff.

That’s a good idea .

My phone doesn’t give me great options, so if anyone still has any ideas please still comment for now i’ll use my phone

maybe make a new outfit and change the outfit to that

Phones are limited along with anything that isn’t a type of computer or laptop. You also can’t code on anything other than a comoputer/laptop.

Hmm… maybe try refreshing the page? And wait and see. Maybe the internet isn’t good.

You could try submitting a ticket to the episode team :slight_smile::ok_hand: this is not noramal and very unfair that you can’t preview your characters :sweat:

(P.S Are you using chrome?)

Oh right! Chrome is also the best website!