Character Creation Partner

I need a partner for creating characters! I have some already made, but I don’t have enough motivation to make all the characters I need.

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I can help because I need a writing partner, too.

I can help with that! On episode I enjoy making characters. Let me know if I can help.

I can help if you would like :slight_smile: I am a very visual person so I often like to create characters for my stories outside of Episode.

I would love to help! I need a little help with my story too, and I am really devoted. :grin: I love reading and writing, but only if it is creative.

Can you help me with my story??? I need help and you seem really creative, I am new so I’m still learning. Let me know if you are interested PLEASE.

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It’s between you three, @EvelynGrey, @adavis2112 and @most_savage.

(Jadewrites, would you like to help with the next story I make? c:)

it is up to you but i hope you choose me :grin::crossed_fingers:t4:


And the chosen one is…

Miss Adavis

Runner-up is…


(I will be refering to one of the people who replied for my next story, as well. So watch out for that!)

Hi there!

I would love to help you :slight_smile: What are the things you needed help with?

I am aware, I was replying to @adavis2112 asking me for help with her story.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: