Character Creation Preview Not Working For Me

I just got a Macbook Air from my boyfriend and I figured it would be perfect for writing episode stories.

However, my character creation preview is not working. As in I don’t see the preview of my customized characters in the white space on the right. It’s just blank. I have the same problem in the clothing preview, too.

I already cleared my cache/cookies/history for all time, multiple times. I tried signing out and signing back in. I tried creating a new story. I restarted my laptop multiple times and I am using google chrome which I know is most compatible with the portal. Just to be sure, I tried it on a different browser and it was even worse. I submitted a ticket as well and I’m just having such a difficult time trying to solve this little issue.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Hi! I had the same issue with my MacBook. I was running El Capitan at the time, nothing related to episode would work for me. Episode sent me an email and said to just use a different computer.

The problem stopped when I updated to High Sierra, if you aren’t already, I would go ahead and try that. In the case that your mac is too old to update, just pm me and I can give you a solution.

I went ahead and updated this mac which is running Mojave. I did some research and it looks like Mojave comes after High Sierra but it’s still not working. So I don’t actually know if this mac is too dated or what.