Character creator for a to be continued background

Dose anyone know of some good websites to create a look alike of the episode characters for the to be continued background.

What exactly are talking about?

You mean @CHARACTER 2 becomes CHARACTER?

like is there any websites that I can customize my own Character. like a different type of website besides Episode,
I’m trying to create my to be continued background and I wanna use different characters but close to my main character if that makes since,

And I’m not saying you guys are now, I’m just letting you guys know now that I have ADD and I’m sensitive on how I phrase things and spell so please don’t say anything about my spelling… like I keep telling people when I post on here I will quit writing stories if anyone decided to be rude about how I talk and spell and Again I’m not saying you guys are now I’m just giving you guys a heads up because like I said I have ADD and I’m very sensitive…

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You can use Canva, which is a free designing website.

Just take a screenshot of your character, then go to to remove the background. Upload that to Canva, and there you go.

I use that website all the time I want something like this website (
i’ve tried so many times to use their characters but they don’t look right to me. I want something different

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AHHHH okay, so like making your character on ANOTHER website.

Hm… Maybe use the Sims game?

I’ll try it but I have a samsung chromebook idk how I can get sims besides the freeplay & my computer isnt compatible for it… :cry:

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