Character Creator & Outfit Shop!

ok :))

Are we making a waiting list, or no waiting list since there aren’t many people requesting?

Do you mind also explaining what kind of outfits you’d like? ex: date, casual, work

I would like 2 formal outfits (1 male & 1 female) and 2 work outfits (1 male & 1 female) please.

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Oh, sorry, we. should prob make a waiting list! oops!

Your request is complete! I dressed them in these clothes because they had to wear something :joy: but you’re welcome to change their clothes

Female Character 1

-Female Athletic Body, Gold 08
-Round Thin High, Black Dark
-Dreads Braided, Black Dark
-Angular Slender, Hazel
-Round Button Upturned
-Full Flat Top Pouty, Brown Deep Gold
-Thin Silver Hoop Earring, Nose Stud Silver

Female Character 2

-Female Generic Body, Gold 04
-Arched Thin High, Chestnut Brown
-High Wavy Pony Tail Over Shoulder Solid, Blonde Medium
-Female Generic
-Heart Soft
-Round Downturned
-Full Round Pouty, Rose Matte
-Freckles Heavy (04-07)

Female Character 3

-Female Soft Body, Gold 02
-Round Medium, Medium Warm Brown
-Medium Straight Down, Rose Gold
-Monolid Slender, Brown Pale
-Heart Soft
-Round Button Upturned
-Small Heart, Red Deep Gloss
-Snake and Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor, Scar Cheek X (00-03)

Female Character 4

-Female Athletic Body, Neutral 02
-Round Thin High, Dark Brown
-Over Shoulder Braid, Golden Brown
-Deepset Almond
-Heart Soft
-Round Button
-Thin Heart, Pink Warm Matte

Female Character 5

-Female Generic Body, Gold 01
-Arched Thick Styled, blackJet
-Long Down Wavy Princess Braid, Black Jet
-Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye, Brown Black
-Heart Soft
-Defined Natural
-Full Heart Pouty, Red Gloss
-Beauty Mark Mole Cheek, Wildflower Tattoo

Female Character 6

-Plus Female Body, Gold 01
-Round Thin High, Chestnut Brown
-Long Half Up Ponytail Hair, Platinum White
-Female Generic, Blue Green
-Heart Defined
-Round Button
-Full Heart Pouty, Rose Light Nude Gloss

Female Character 7

-Female Athletic Body, Gold 05
-Arched Thin High, Black Dark
-Long Wavy Blowout, Light Brown
-Monolid Defined, Brown Black
-Round Button
-Full Heart Pouty, Rose Medium Nude Matte
-Scar Eye Left (00-03), Gold Glitter Cross Earrings Plastic Gold

Female Character 8

-Female Generic Body, Neutral 05
-Round Thin High, Black Dark
-Wavy Long, Ginger Red
-Angular Slender, Blue Deep
-Heart Soft
-Defined Natural
-Full Round Pouty, Rose Matte
-Nose Stud Silver, Hoop Flowers Metal Gold

Male Character 1

-Male Athletic Body, Gold 04
-Straight Medium Scar, blackJet
-Undercut Short Straight Texture, Black Jet
-Narrow Almond Deep Smiling, Brown Black
-Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
-Aquiline Medium
-Medium Straight Natural, Tan Deep Neutral
-Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Male Character 2

-Male Generic Body, Gold 07
-Arched Medium, Black Dark
-Dreads Long Loose Bun, Brunette Brown
-Hooded Almond Narrow, Blue Deep
-Square Sculpted
-Straight Wide
-Full Lower Lip Sharp, Brown Gold
-Large Studs Plastic Grey Black

Male Character 3

-Male Slim Body, Gold 2
-Round Soft, Light Brown
-Side Part Wavy Tousled, Light Brown
-Male Generic, Brown Sand
-Diamond Soft
-Male Generic
-Medium Heart, Beige Rose
-Lace Forearm Tattoo Solid, Scar Across Nose (04-07)

If I forgot something, let me know. Enjoy!


Thank you :heartpulse:

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I’ve finished one half of your request… I’m sorry I took so long :disappointed: I’ve been busy

I’m doing this in parts to make it easier; I’ll try to send the males tomorrow
EDIT: Ugh its been 8 days already?!

Character Details

-Female Generic Body, Gold 07
-Round Thin High, Black Dark
-Braids Updo, Brown Black
-Angular Slender, Hazel
-Heart Soft
-Defined Natural
-Full Heart Pouty, Red Garnet Gloss

Clothes Used


Work Outfit


-Female Generic Body, Gold 03
-Round Thin High, Black Dark
-Short Flipped Wavy Solid, Golden Brown
-Female Generic, Brown Medium
-Heart Soft
-Round Button Upturned
-Full Heart Pouty, Rose Matte

Character Details

This text will be hidden

Clothes Used

This dress is a little revealing, so you may want to switch Halter Tassel Crop Top Cotten Grey White with another top, such as Lace Sleep Bralette Lace Grey Black or Underwear Bra Panty Lace Grey White or Sports Bra Cotton Complex Color (Blue Cerulean)


Here is the original version of the outfit:

Part 2 is here! Your request is officially complete :blob_hearts:
(To be honest I don’t know what is wrong with me, I just can’t find the motivation I need to complete these requests)

Male 1

Character Details:
Male Generic Body, Gold 03
Straight Angled, blackJet
Slicked Back Solid, Black Jet
Narrow Almond Deep Smiling, Brown Black
Chiseled Angular Stubble
Aquiline Medium
Medium Straight Natural, Tan Deep Gold

Male 2

Male Generic Body, Gold 02
Round Soft, Deep Brown
Tousled Loose Curls Long, Cool Dark Brown
Delicate Almond
Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble
Button Round
Full Heart Natural, Beige Gold Matte

I think that the first one is a little more formal, but feel free to use them interchangeably.
Please scroll up to view part one (:


@Annelise_episode, are you active on the forums anymore? I’ve completed both requests and they’re still on the waiting list

Hi can you have some male ll outfit ideas
Some bad boy or street outfit