Character Creators/Coders/Plot Ideas Needed!

Hello :wave:t4:! I need some help on my new story, “#CollegeLife”. The readers play as Maggie, a girl with incredible art skills and a rule-breaker who’s about to go into the world of college. I mostly just go along with whatever feels write instead of planning ahead of time :sweat_smile: so Ill need to hear your ideas before I can let you code the story. Please reply if you’re available!

Hi, I’m available, well if you don’t count school, I’d love to help!

Well, I’m just not a pro at coding…

@LORI09 Don’t worry about the coding :keyboard:. I’ll handle that. I could use some CC skills, someone who could help me with the plot… I’m at the part where Maggie and her BFF, Lana, have arrived at the place :school:, so I could use you if you can make some background characters :v:t3::kissing_cat::wink:.

I will, so if I get it. I make characters and you code the story?
Will it be limelight or ink?

Limelight. I have just recently gotten all the background characters I need, so you can make a few teachers if you like? Two or so?

Ok, hey can I make one character to, like main character’s little sister or cousin?

You can make a cousin, since my character is an only child.

Ok, I had in mind that she’s 4 or 5 and her name is Laureline

That’s her

:heart: :heart: :heart:

She’s so adorable. The only problem is I dont know how I can add her to the story plan that I’m going with right now…

Thx, if you wanna private message me my instagram is padmewrites!