Character Customisation Issues when Updating my Story

Hey all,

I need a little help and feedback from anyone who is willing to help.

I’ve recently updated my story with CC. Now it is important to know that at certain scenes the MC changes her hair to a ponytail when she’s training or side braid when she’s sleeping/at home but it changes back to the chosen style when say she’s off to work. This all works fine. However a few days later I got a few minor Backgrounds approved and I updated the story. Suddenly I started receiving comments from readers that their chosen look got reset.

It seems that for the readers who started reading the story before the update and continued reading after the update the duplicate character lost all chosen settings and got reset.

Now my question is… has this happened to any of you writers? And if yes do only the looks get reset or do the points accumulated on characters get reset too?

I have a solution to beat this problem and I will definitely share it with you all but I need to know if the point system gets reset or not…

Would appreciate your help guys!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


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Thanks :slight_smile:

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