Character customization ERROR AND HELP

Hi! I’ve been trying for hours now to load dara.amarie 's templates on her website, but it keeps sending error messages. Does anyone have a template for LL that I can use, with credit of course!
I’m in desperate need of templates for both male and female.
Please and thank you.

What error does it show?

It shows The connection was reset on the block in which the template is placed. I tried to load it on my sister’s laptop as well, but no such luck :frowning:

And when you click on the error, on which line does it bring you? Mostly there’s something not right on that line

The error is not in my script, but rather when I try and load the website.
I thought the problem could be with my WiFi, but it is working fine.

is the error above the preview box or is it on the left of your screen, in a box?

On her website in the box on the right of the screen.

ohhh I thought there was an error in the portal. did you already try reloading the website?
ps: are you dutch? :sweat_smile:

Yes, I have tried reloading the website, but I haven’t had success. That’s why I can’t understand why it isn’t working. All of the other websites and things I am using are working.

I am actually South African - Afrikaans, but Afrikaans people did originate from the Dutch, so I mean… kinda?

maybe @Dara.Amarie can help you.

Thank you for trying at least!

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of course!

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I sent you a pm!

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