Character customization for readers

Yh it says " error. You cannot have a label inside if/then statements or {}."

Yh it’s exactly what am using but the errors keep coming up

you can’t have a label inside a choice

I am using her templates

Take a screenshot of your script or copy and paste it for me.

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Can you take a photo of the screen?

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if you want to give the reader say: a choice where they can customize two people at the same time, put a goto in the choice that’s connected to the customization template.


label customize_character_1

“change the MC” {
goto girl_custom_1
}"change love interest{
goto boy_custom_1
goto start_story

label girl_custom1

#template here

label boy_custom

#template here

label start_story

PS: remember to put a goto customize_character_1 in the choice at the end of the customization where it says they’re done customizing the character. so they end up back at the choice menu

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what does the warning say?

Thanks so much

it says the said label does not exist

T for thanks :hugs:

is that the only label the portal is reacting on or is it several?

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So many of erm

have you tried just deleting the template and just replacing it again

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I am going to try it now

Thank y’all so much it worked


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