Character Customization help with twins

I was wondering if any could make a limelight customization template that has another name for a twin like:


“Brown Neutral” {

@MAIN CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Brown Neutral

@BROTHER changes bodyColor into Brown Neutral

goto skin_color

} “Fair Rose” {

@MAIN CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Fair Rose

@BROTHER changes bodyColor into Fair Rose

goto skin_color

} “Tan Neutral” {

@MAIN CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Tan Neutral

@BROTHER changes bodyColor into Tan Neutral


But throughtout the whole LIMELIGHT customization?
and the name doesn’t have to be brother it could be like @AVATAR2

Instead of doing that, you can use dara’s guide to creating twins. There’s specific code to turn a character into a different character I just forgot it lol. That would be a lot easier

Ah yes i know i have seen that and I know how to do it, I was wondering if anyone already had one done because she just explains it and doesn’t have one fully throughout the script. If that makes sense.

i don’t think you need one all the way throughout the script right? like you just have the one character tune into the other one and change the features that you want different and then it stays that way? right? or am i misunderstanding :joy:

No, lol I mean like you know the customization script… like that whole script having (ex. AVATAR2) not just telling me how to do it. Because her template tells me that under the choice you but @NAME nose is NOSE, or something like that.
And she only gives examples. I want one that I can copy and paste

Are both twins female? Or are they female and male?

Both Female and idk if u could aha make me one for two males cus I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on you.

Are both characters going to be on the screen at the same times so readers can see both of them being customized? Or is only 1 twin going to be onscreen?

No aha off screen I just want a twin so I can use mirror scenes and overlays :upside_down_face:

You would use the @CHARACTER1 becomes CHARACTER2 code like it says in my guide. Adding another character to the template is only used for opposite sex characters.

Oh so you don’t need to put
@MAINCHARACTER changes bodyColor into Brown Neutral
@AVATAR2 changes bodyColor into Brown Neutral

No, you only need to use the “becomes” command at the end of the template, then just change the twin’s other features to whatever you want. So if you want every thing to match except the hair, then use the “becomes” command and use the “changes hair into” command

Oh okay tysm aha :upside_down_face: I was so confused at first :sweat: thank you.

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