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So I kind of have an idea of how this is supposed to go but I’m not sure and I’m also really lazy lol.
If there’s anyone kind enough to help me with the script I’d be so thankful :heart:
So here’s the deal:
I want to make a character customization script for my MC (her name is Megan) and a customization script for the main love interest (his name is Lucas). But I also want their family members’ features to change along with theirs (I’m talking about the skin color and the hair color - everything else stays the same). Megan’s family members are: Louis (her dad), Anthony (her brother) and Valerie (her sister), and Lucas’s family members are Parker (his brother) and Molly (his mother). If anyone knows how this script is supposed to look like, please post down below.

Thank you!

for the family is easy, but I don’t really remember, there’s tutorials in YT that’ll help you,
and family was like

@LUCAS skin turns into (idk) cooper 1
@FAMILY skin turns into cooper 1

(Or something like that srry lol

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Can find CC templates here:

Family members template here:

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@LUCAS changes bodyColor into Copper 01
@FAMILY changes bodyColor into Copper 01

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Oh I never realized there were templates! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

No problem :wink: :revolving_hearts:

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