Character customization HELP!


Hi! I’m having a little trouble with customization. I have thrice checked it and more but when I go into eyebrows the eyebrows on my character don’t change. In the first episode you can customize your character then a few lines after you can customize your mother. When I go into the app to test out my story when I try to change my characters eyebrows nothing happens but then the mother pops up behind your character and changes as you click options. Then if you click this is perfect it doesn’t change scenes but says the dialogue in the next scene (where you customize your mother). Then the mother pops up behind the main character and your told to customize her. I’m so confused, did any of this make sense? Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?


Can you send me a screenshot of this section on your script.


Did you use the same template twice in one episode and try to change the labels? The labels and gotos are mixed between the 2 templates and so the gotos in the first template lead to the labels in the second template.

Use these templates: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


Thanks I will try this TYSM!


I wil see if Dara.Amarie’s idea works first


OMG TYSM @Dara.Amarie it worked! OMG can’t thank you enough!!!