Character Customization Need Help!


Hi! For my episode, I want the readers to customize a character that I already made. I want to keep her name but when I use the episode Avatar Templates it lets the reader make the name. Also, I want to keep the hair the same. How do I allow the reader to customize everything except the hair and the name? Thanks!


You delete the part of the hair and the part of the name


I tried but then it gives me a lot of warnings.


I’ll try doing :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s @Dara.Amarie 's template.



Thanks but this is limelight im in ink I forgot to say sorry.


Okay hang on a bit. I think @Fazeclan_Lover is doing the template for you.


Hold on lol I need your characters name :sweat_smile:




Oh ok and that is a nice name :smiley:


Do u also want the hair color not to change?


Yes please dont change the hair color sorry I was busy.