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I’m starting a new story but I’m tied between adding CC or not. When you read a story do you care if there is CC or not?.

  • Add CC
  • It doesn’t matter to me

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In my opinion. If it makes it easier as an author for you to write without CC or if this is how you envision your character to look, this is how you connect with them, don’t bother with CC. However, if it really doesn’t make a difference how your characters look or (like me) you are excited to see how others would make the characters look, then add it in, it can’t hurt.


It is not very complicated to add the CC and it gives a lot the impression of having chosen who we are, however if your story does not have a CC, it gives the impression that the story is more "important ", more focused on the plot than on our choices. I don’t know if it’s clear haha!


depends why and why not

if you dont plan to have art scenes, body overlays or her look actually matter in the story I would add cc.

personally I dont care about cc but a lot of people do, but to not add cc you need a reason why. is the reason is just well I dont want to its not that good. if the MC looks dosent matter to the story add cc.

Same here!

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I’ll totally read a story that doesn’t allow it, but I personally like to customize :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And with writing, I add it because like someone mentioned it’s not hard to add and I know a lot of people like it! If they don’t want to customize, they can leave the character they way you originally planned! But I like giving them the option.

thanks for your feeback everyone :slight_smile:


I think you should include CC that way the story can be more interactive, which is one of the key components of an Episode story

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