Character customization options?



Alright so i know how to apply the customization but i’m just wondering, when you customize the character will it stay the same in every chapter or do i have to re-apply it in the beginning of every chapter?

Btw it’s the script template avatar limelight female character1


If you have a problem feel free to send your problem here, we would be more then happy to help:)


There’s no problem, i’m just wondering if the customization a reader makes stays the same throughout the whole story, but thank you i’ll be sure to check it out


Yes the character will stay that way the whole story


Oh ok srry for the misunderstanding:)


Oh thanks dara :slight_smile: is that the same for the outfit choices?


No biggie :3


Yes, once you change the appearance or outfit of a character they will stay like that until you change their appearance or outfit to something else.


Gotcha and gracias


how do i fix this?


Remove the “s” from the word “gains”

It should just be gain chic_baddie with no s. And fix all the other gains also


Oh it worked! thanks again Dara <3