Character customization: pros and cons

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I’ve read many threads where people were mentioning that they would not finish reading a story if it provides no character customization. I’d like to discuss this question more in detail.

My personal opinion is that customization is a completely optional thing. It can be present or not, and for me it barely influences the perception of a story. Even if customization is provided I often leave the default look of the characters, because I’m interested in the reasons why author has created them looking this way and not the other.

Sometimes providing customization can lead to some chaos in the story, for example, if there are present scenes appealing to past of the customized character, where he is depicted as a child or teenager etc. Yes, there is a way to overcome this by changing some features of actors used for kids/younger versions, but it can essentially complicate coding… and I’m not sure this thing is worth the effort in 80% of cases. Also CC can cause problems in case of using art scenes or advanced directing scenes, where character overlays are used instead of characters… Honestly, personally I can survive without customization for the sake of seeing something really creative in the story. Moreover sometimes a character must have some specific type of appearance as it’s somehow connected with the story plot.

It’s a trifle in comparison to the abovementioned facts, but personally I usually choose colors of outfits for my characters taking into account their color appearance. And after a character was customized some outfits can look much worse on him/her than it was supposed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against character customization. I like it and try to provide where it’s possible. I just think that the absence of character customization shouldn’t be a reason of not reading a story. The story can be amazing with customization or without it. Is absence of customization a really such a great issue that it can make you miss an amazing story?

But it’s just my opinion. :slight_smile: I’d like to find out other opinions on the thread topic. Do you prefer customization or not? Will you read a story without CC? What are the reasons behind you liking/disliking customization or its absence?


I seen some author not use customation and they get alot of reads

If you want to use customation you can use it if it something that is important that send message most authors don’t use customation

I agree with you and that’s exactly how I act :slight_smile: Yet this thread was inspired by the thread “Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish”, where 80% of people mentioned absence of CC as one of reasons of abandoning reading a story.


Fiery you will put cc for giraffe right? :weary:

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Probably limited, TT :slight_smile: I’m not that good in drawing giraffes :slight_smile:

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It’s really pleasant to meet a soul mate :slight_smile:

I like CC and will not read one wthout it. I get its a lotta coding but no one looks the same the authors vision is still the same wth CC. Most times ppl use tht as an excuse of y they dont wanna customize(or her fair skin or certain hair color makes her important to the plot when its really just to say how attractive they are)
To me CC is important and im not invested in a story where characters dont look like me. And wth episodes limited animations i dont get y ppl dont just use spotlight when they refuse to have CC(retorical dont answer tht)

As far as I understood, you read episode stories for the sake of feeling like you are the main character. To see yourself in the middle of story events. I get the point, although I don’t share it. But I’d like to know… What’s your attitude to the situation when in the story you read the art scenes are used, and the character in those art scenes looks completely different to your MC after customization?

At first I thought you get alot of reads when you put customation in your story I use o hate it when people didn’t put customaton in there story but now I don’t some people use cutomation in there story because it makes you have to write shorter since there is like 900 lines in customation But now I think it doesn’t matter when you use customation

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Yes, I agree. When I started playing Episode, I was a fan of customization. I never abandoned a story if there was no customization, yet I felt uncomfortable. With experience (and mostly when I started writing myself) I changed my mind. Now I don’t care about customization and get annoyed if authors provide in the first episode ONLY CUSTOMIZATION.


Had tht happen a few days ago actually. I dont get y include cc if u add art like tht but it was cute. Cant complain x3 sides i like good art

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People put CC to keep readers like you (CC fans) :slight_smile: And for the sake of attracting them authors let a little chaos with art scenes in their stories.

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I don’t mind it either way but I can see why some writers would prefer it and others wouldn’t. Obviously if you want to you use art scenes, it would not work and perhaps if you have overlays that are used on the character, like hair and such. Also I would imagine writers who are against it have a vision of what they want their character to look like, so that is why they are against it. As a reader, I don’t mind either way. I sometimes don’t want to go through all the avatar characteristics and pick a name, it’s just laziness. Also, it would not effect my feelings toward the story if it has CC or not.

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Yes, you are absolutely right :slight_smile: And it’s a pity that many readers don’t share this point and are ready to give up on a potentially good story just because of absence of CC in it.

Congrats on your great evolution of episode world view! :joy::joy::joy:

This is me!!! I don’t make characters me anymore because of that

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I agree. I wonder if age is a factor or not in preferring CC?

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I don’t know :slight_smile: But I think it depends not so on age, but on the experience of reading and/or writing stories :slight_smile: At first customization seems to be something new and fresh, and it feels like without it the story can’t give you any pleasure… But then a satiation comes… Customization stops being something new, and people turn to the side of using the default looks of characters offered by the authors. :slight_smile:


You make some very good points. Btw, I forgot to ask and sorry that this is not related to this post, but did you get to read my story yet?