Character customization questions

Im letting my readers customize the MC and I have the template already for it but how would I put in the option to just keep the MC the way that I made her and not do any changes?

So you do…


(Then you put the template)
}”Keep the characters the same”{
Ok then!
(Then just carry on with the story)

thank you!

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No problem! :two_hearts:

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Templates cannot be inside of choices because templates have labels and labels cannot be inside of brackets. You will get errors if you put the template inside of a choice. So you need to put the template outside of the choice, and put a goto inside the choice that leads to the very first label of the cc template.

Do you want to customize?

“Yes!” {
goto template_label

} “No” {
got after_template

[customization template here]

label after_template

[rest of story here]