Character Customization Templates

Heyy! I am trying to write a story with my friend but we can’t find that template in Dara Amarie’s link. If anyone knows where we can find it, please answer me.:blush: Thank you!:heart:

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Here is the link to Daras’ website! You can find everything, including CC there!

I searched there but I see only the old template for cc. I don’t see this one anywhere😩

Maybe your story just has a different speech bubble style?

I actually meant that I can’t find the description of this template which I showed on the picture. I am asking this because I saw every author is using it and I just don’t know where they find it

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Or this one:

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You actually can choose what to write in this white speech bubble yourself :smiley:

I actually find it, thank you for answering❣️

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