Character Customizing script error


Ok, in my story. I want to create the option of the reader being able to customize the MC’s family (I’ve gotten feedback that a lot likes as much customizing as possible and a lot who don’t), so I just have the option of those who want to.
I made it so the MC and the love interested script are fine; but the script for the family is wrong. I’m not sure what I did wrong.
Can someone help me please?

The MC is on label female_custom1 (unaffected, works fine)
Mom is label female_custom2
Sister is on label female_custom3

The love interest is on label male_avatar1 (unaffected, works fine)
Dad is on label boy_custom2


You can’t have labels inside the choices. Check and example script made by @Dara.Amarie HERE


I’ve tried to edit it, but I’m still having trouble with it.


you can’t have labels inside the choice

Do you want to customize your family?
“Yes, please!”{
goto customize_characters
goto story_start

label customize_characters
#all the customisation goes here outside the choice


You can PM if you want and I’ll help you out : )