Character cut off while talking? (Script help)

I’m trying to have my character, Marissa, walk-in and tell my other character, Elizabeth, to wake up. Everything else seems to be working fine but when Marissa speaks, she’s cut off and it cuts to my other character in zone 1. I don’t want this to happen until Marissa is done speaking so that the player can actually read what she’s saying lol.

I feel like I’m overthinking this and the problem is really obvious but I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Here’s the script:

@pan to zone 3 in 0.3
&zoom on 804 410 to 173% in 0.3 
@MARISSA walks to spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 3 in 1.5 AND MARISSA does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop

@pause for 1.5

&zoom on MARISSA to 200%

        MARISSA (talk_angry)
    WAKE UP!
@cut to zone 1
&zoom on 84 148 to 224% in 0

@ELIZABETH is react_lay_shocked

You can pause for a beat?

I figured it out, it was just an issue with the previewer in the writers portal.

Idk why I didn’t check this earlier but thanks for the help! :blush:

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