Character default looks

Hey guys! I am an episode author and I am trying to do a flashback scene. For that, I’m changing the hair, eye shape, and face shape. But every time I preview it, it changes my original characters into the new look in the scenes before. I also tried the "@CHARACTER becomes CHARACTER’ code, but it doesn’t work! Does anyone know how to reset the character to their original look? (And no, this is not a customization story). Please help!

@CHARACTER changes into @CHARACTER_default

Make sure to reset your story progress every time you preview.

Otherwise, I’d suggest declaring the original look in the scenes prior.

wouldn’t that be for their outfit, not their looks?

It’ll become your newly customized character if you use that code. If you want to make another character look like a certain character prior to customizing, make a duplicate character before you customize, then use that duplicate character to duplicate other characters. For example…

Say my MC is Alice. She is customizable. I would create a duplicate character of her before she gets customized.

@DUPE becomes ALICE lable female_customization

Then later on in the story, you can use the duplicate character to duplicate other characters


So now CHARACTER will look like ALICE prior to the customization.

my characters are not customized.

Well it’s kinda the same thing as changing some facial features for flashback scenes. Your gonna want to create a duplicate character for those flashback scenes instead of using the actual character.