Character Descriptions Right Here!

Hey guys! This is a thread I created for writers who have issues with character descriptions. If you have trouble describing a character or a scenario, you can come to this thread!
You can request descriptions right here!

However, I need to know the character(s) personality and a brief summary of what exactly you want me to describe. Be specific.


Totally gonna need this for some scenes :joy:

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Lol…that’s why I’m here to help. :wink::joy:

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Heyyyy, I need your help with a scenario! :heart:

Hiiiiii, what type of scene?

My MC is currently being mauled by vampires at a gala, he’s not gonna survive. I’d like for a nice, in depend description of what’s happening to him. But I can’t seem to get it just right.

Okay, I’ll try my best and get back to you.

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Do you want the description from MC’s point of view or third person?

NARRATOR (MC) point if view (so yeah the MC’s😂

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hey, so I’m done. Tell me if you like it or not, or if you want any changes. :slight_smile:

Everything was going great tonight. The gala was angelic, everyone looked beautiful in their attire and it felt so elegant. My mind had wandered to the tranquil beauty of the place. Just as I returned from my thoughts, I felt a sudden torture rising in. I took a glimpse around and I could see eyes of terror glancing at me. I moved my head down and stared at the ground, praying to myself, that this was just a horrendous facade that will fade away.
It didn’t, the eyes kept coming closer and closer. Sharp teeth peeked out and I knew this was the end. I was too weak for this. I took a small step, when they completely surrounded me, giving me no space to move. This was my last breath, and then, it would be bleak darkness.

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Excellent! But not very close to what I was looking for, tho that’s my fault I didn’t explain the situation very well :sweat_smile: may I pm it to u?

of course. it’s okay.

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