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hey i’m making a parody story that’s basically just all the cliche high school tropes put into one (nerdy girl gets a makeover with the help of her gay best friend, gets attention of the “bad boy” a vampire, and a mafia boss, she then has to choose between them while fending off the three mean girls, and ends up pregnant.) i have character designs for all of them except i’m not sure abt the ‘mafia boss’ dude. help me choose?

Design 1

Design 2

which looks better?
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Make him look like a badboy! You’ll probably need tattoos, piercings, leather jackets, that kind of thing, etc.

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ohhh okay thank you i just wasn’t sure what they usually looked like lol

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Honestly, I don’t know either :sweat_smile: But that’s what I see them look like in stories

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So I think you could take him one of two ways; very posh or bad boy.

In regards to his outfit, if you want him to look more classy then I’d recommend adding maybe a watch and changing his shoes to that of a more formal attire. With his look, I think he suits a classy guy pretty well.

To go the more bad boy route, I recommend completely changing his outfit. Using dark colors/black, maybe that big chain necklace, piercings, tattoos, maybe a scar lol. Leather jacket, ripped pants etc. I’d recommend changing his hair to something more wild and messy, since his current style is prim and proper. You could also give him some facial scruff as well for that bad boy look :blush:

These options really just depend on how you want him portrayed in the story. Hope this helps! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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new design

Yea it looks pretty much gud! But not that the mafia boss wont wear this in formal terms…yes…in parties and informal gathering!!
And the hair looks a bit nerdy tbh…look for some bad boy hairstyles!
Just my opinion its all ur call to change!

ok so i tried different hair… just trying not to make him look too much like my other character

mafia dude

bad boy dude

Oooh now its amAziNG!!!

Now he’s looking too nerdy, I actually liked his old look more lol :rofl:

Try a poll and see what the majority of people like most

lmao i added a poll!

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