Character Detail Banners For My Story Needed

Can someone make me a few Character Detail Banners for my story “The Young Actress” (It’s in both Ink & Limelight)

I haven’t made any before, but I could try if you want me to? It’s just a picture of the character, with written details about their customization on a background right? Or what were you thinking?

You’re right about what it is.

Oh okay!
Do you want me to try and make some?
If not, I’m sure someone who already knows how to will see your post soon, since it’s active now haha. :’)

I would love for you to try!

Could you post the info of the characters you’d want banners of here?

And do you have any special wishes as to what you’d like the banners to look like? Do you just want a simple white background for everyone, a special colour for every character, or something else maybe?

Emma’s Details:

Name: Emma
Skin: Light
Hair: Straight
Hair Color: Black
Nose: Celestial
Eyes: Upturned Bold
Eye Color: Blue
Lips: Classic
Lip Color: Raspberry
Face: Soft Heart

And I want a cute Pink banner for Emma.

I want the pose to be either: flirt_shy, flirt_coy, or blush

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Ah okay! In INK or?

This version of Emma is in Ink.

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Is there a special size you’d like it to be in by the way? In case you need to post it somewhere there’s special picture size requirements or something like that.

AND; haha omg; Do you have the info for her outfit? :thinking:

Oh! And I think you left out what brow type she has, could you tell me please?

No, it doesn’t have to be a certain size and yes.

Moon Necklace
Boyfriends Letterman Jacket
Baby Blue Halter Basic
Boyfriend Jeans
Ankle Booties (Black)

Eyebrow Shape: Medium Soft Arch

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This is what I’ve come up with! I don’t know if they’re your style, I took a little bit of creative freedom but I’m also not super creative lol. :grimacing:
Please do tell me if you want me to fix, add or remove anything.
I’m just happy to help if I can, even if you don’t want these this is great practice for me! :rabbit:

Maybe change the order of the details to where the Lip color is at the end.

Oh, and the cherry blossom background on the first banner is from pixabay, says it’s free to use in case you were wondering;

Oh, right, in this order then?

x(And which one should I do it on? The cherry blossom one, or the one that’s just pink?)

Yep! And the cherry blossom one!

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Like this?
I forgot brows, so I added them now! :grimacing:

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You wouldn’t mind creating character detail banners for the other characters, would you?