Character Details (Model)


Hi! Can you list your character’s details below or fill this form out? I need models for my edits…thanks!

INK ONLY AND YOU MUST HAVE INSTAGRAM (to fill out the form!)


What i have to do exactly?


Your character details or fill ou.t the form.


Okay wait


The questions for nose, mouth, and mouth colour are multiple choice with only one option. Hobbies as well. @Miss_Moonlight


Skin color : fair
Eyes : upturned fenile (sorry if spelling is wrong)
Eye color (green)
Mouth : classic
Mouth color: red (you can choose yourself too)
Nose: upturned
Eyebrows : seductive arch
Hair: straight
Hair color : Black
Face shape: soft
Instagram ID episode._.anna
(I am a new writer lately…so hadn’t published any story yet but soon will)


Name: Emma
Body: Light
Eyebrows: Mature Round
Hair: Long Feathered (Blonde)
Eyes: Slender Natural (Blue)
Face: Round
Nose: Pointed
Lips: Blossom Lips (Bubblegum Pink)

Instagram: @halochild.episode


Thank you!




@HaloChild and @Anushka11, I’m sorry, I didn’t review my form. If you don’t mind redoing it…


I’m sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:… i didn’t review. I fixed it now.


It’s all good


I didn’t understand…!