Character details :))

So I am doing a lot of edits lately (not drawn) and i need basically some models ig that I will use to practice my edits (if u drop ur character details, it’s not guaranteed you will get an edit, but I will try my best)

Also if you want you can tell me what aesthetic to do for ur edit :sparkles:

Thanks!!! :blob_hearts:


Feel free to choose the rest of the details u need and take as long as u need (:

Here’s mine!

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here are my details if you’d like :sunflower:

Have fun!!! :sparkles::black_heart::sparkles:

Here is mine

Thanks everyone, I’ll try to get through as many as possible :))


Please take your time!! No rush!! :sparkles::black_heart::sparkles:

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I’ve noticed most are girls so if you want to edit a guy, here’s one of my background characters feel free to change anything :relaxed:


Aesthetic is very much tomboy, skateboarding, basketball

Aesthetic is a bookworm


Hi, I’ve finished yours, I only edited lost if that’s okay? I made 3 different versions so you can decide which one you like best :))


I can also get rid of the black heart tattoo, I wasn’t sure if you would like it :joy:

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here’s my character if you would like to use it!

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omgg its so cute tysm :heart::heart::heart:

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Hi, I’ve finished yours, I hope you like it!


I hope it’s okay :))

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Oh My…! :scream: :heart_eyes:

I love it! Thank u so much (:

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Tysm I’m so glad you like it!!!

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How do u want credits (:

You can credit me by my forums name if you want that’s fine

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