Character directing change?

Was there an update causing the left, center, and right commands to not work anymore? I remember always doing, @CHARACTER enters from left to screen center, and now it’s not working… they also don’t work with any other command…

I think it should still work. I never use it so I’m not sure. I suggest just using the spot commands instead.

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This is still working for me, I just checked to make sure :thinking:

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Hmm… That’s so weird. I made a quick test script and this is what happens when I try:


If your screen is already in zone 1 then you don’t have to insert “in zone 1” at the end. Do it without it And it will be the same

Line 2 remove the word seconds
@pause for 2

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Remove the in zone 1 and see if it works.

Well, I havent changed anything with it, but now it’s decided to magically work… Thanks anyways guys, thread can be closed. :smile:

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