Character Disappearance Bug

Hello, Episodians!

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of character disappearances when reading a story. Their speech bubbles are visible however, but the character isn’t. This usually occurs after a scene change. So far, I’m fixing it by exiting the story and entering again.

I’m not quite sure what’s been causing this bug, but I personally get it a lot nowadays. I wonder if it’s just me or is anyone else experiencing problems with character disappearance in stories? :thinking:


Thanks for letting us know about this. Please go ahead and submit a request for our support team so they can help you. Appreciate it :slight_smile:


Funny fact but I was having the same problem today I was editing it but for some reason the male characters kept disappearing so I had to re open the story everytime


I’ve been having this issue also. :neutral_face:

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Same but usually once I reload it, it works again. It’s a bit annoying at times to have to reload the app to do whatever I’m doing on it. :woman_shrugging:

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I have the same problem

Goooooooooood morning all! I see 5 people in this thread say they have the same issue but I only see 3 clicks on the link that directs you to submit a ticket for this problem. Please help your fellow community members out by submitting a ticket for this issue at the link I provided above. Thanks all, much appreciated! :peace_symbol:

I have this problem too. It depends on the story I read though, but I have it for some of my own stories too.
Simply going out and back in the story works for me. :wink:

This is happening to me as I’m creating a story, it’s really irritating. What phone does everyone have? I’m wondering if its a problem specific to Iphone?

I also have an iPhone…

I’ve definitly had a few characters disappear when reading a story and the only thing that helps is exiting and re-opening the story (sometimes).

Personally I’m experiencing a problem when testing my story in the app, one of my overlays disappear… it’s there on the writers portal, but gone on the app.

Definitly not just Iphone, I have an Android and it does exactly the same.

When I test my own story in the app my overlay disappears, but in the writers portal it’s 100% there. So it might be an app bug thing.


I am having the same problem on my ipad.

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My friend sent a support ticket about it a while ago and they said it’s a device memory issue. It can’t be because it happens to everyone.
It’s really annoying. Some of my scenes are ruined because of it…


When I read a story and exit the app or lock my phone, characters that previously haven’t been loaded disappear after a scene change. One time, it only made characters’ noses disappear and it was the creepiest thing ever :’) I will submit a request as said above.


I’ve had the same issue. I usually reload the game and it’s fine

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I’ve had the same issue, but it seems to have stopped.

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I’m getting it too but it’s not common.

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