Character Disappears and Reappears HELP

The characters are laying on the bed but when I tried to let them do the standup_neutral the character will disappear for a second and reappears but it’s standing already does anyone know why?

It’s probably due to that the laying and standing use different spot ccordinates to be on screen, but it’s hard to say for sure without seeing your script.



Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:
I see you’re not using spot directing, but the principles the same.
The reason it takes your character time to appear is because of the line under your mark.
@VENICE stands screen right AND VENICE faces left

You can fix it easily in one of two ways.

Put an AND after the standup_neutral command and move up the line.
@VENICE is standup_neutral AND VENICE stands screen right AND VENICE faces left


Use the & sign instead of the @ on both the animation and the location, and ad a pause for the lenght of the animation
&VENICE is standup_neutral
&VENICE stands screen right AND VENICE faces left
@pause for 2.5


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Wow thank you so much for helping me :heart::heart::heart: I’ll try this right now if it works
@brvnda @HappyDaisy

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