Character disappears!

Hi! I have a problem while writing my story.
First my character is visible on the screen, but as soon as it starts talking it disappears!
The character is supposed to talk while laying on the bed, the character is @/YOUNGER ALISHIA .
Can someone help me? Here’s the script and some screenshots:

@cut to zone 3

@YOUNGER ALISHIA spot 0.800 -61 390 in zone 3 AND YOUNGER ALISHIA faces right AND YOUNGER ALISHIA starts sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

@/MOM enters from left to screen left AND MOM is run_athletic_neutral_loop

    MOM (talk_confused_mindblown)
Alishia wake up! We need to go now!

@YOUNGER ALISHIA spot 0.800 -61 390 in zone 3 AND ALISHIA starts idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop

    YOUNGER ALISHIA (idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop)
M- mom...What's going on?

    MOM (talk_exclaim_no_worried)
There's a fire in our house.

    MOM (talk_neutral)
Please stay calm honey

    MOM (talk_explain_neutral)
Everything will be okay!

    YOUNGER ALISHIA (talk_sit_doubtful)
    MOM (talk_reassure_neutral)
I promise!

Before talking:

While talking:

I think you have to spot direct the character again… some of the laying down animations are spaced differently for some reason

Thank you, I’ll try!

It still doesn’t work :sleepy:

You miss out the word “Younger” when referring to her script name.
Should be AND YOUNGER ALISHIA starts idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop!
Hope this works :blush:

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I know, I saw that too a bit ago. But thank you anyways! I appreciate it! :heart:

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Haha no worries! Glad you found it :grin:

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