Character Display Names - Full Name or Nickname?

Working on my first story nervous Two of my characters have nicknames and I can’t decide whether I want their display name to be their nickname or their actual name. What do you guys think?

Nick name, always nick name. Never use your real name. #InternetSafety

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Thanks Josie but I didn’t mean my real name. I mean the character’s full name vs nickname as the display name. I can’t decide which to use.

Think you should use the name you want to be addressed with as an author x

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I used nickname for one of my chars.
He’s name is Giuseppe but his nick is Beppe, so his display name is Beppe.
Key point here is that, for example, if it’s the MC’s bff, I think that you should use the nick, if it’s a stranger or an acquaintance, you should use the full name.

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You can always write their real name as the script name and then modify the display one! (:


Great minds think alike, that’s exactly how I have them after getting all the suggestions.

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