Character Diversity

Recently I was interested in going back to doing Episode to try and make a game version of one of my stories I was writing. But then I received a major set back that prevented me from doing what I wanted. In my story, my characters are all about diversity. A couple tall people, short people, people with different body types, like girls with smaller/bigger chests, guys with a weaker/stronger build. But one of the biggest problems is what’s supposed to be one of the many surprises in the story. One of my characters was supposed to (Spoiler in case I ever do proceed and create the story) be a girl pretending to be a boy. I tried to work around it, but it’s hard with limited clothing choices where I can’t cross dress my characters and not having much unisex clothing. And going back to before, there is only really one true figure for the distinctive genders at the moment. I can’t make one of my characters, who’s described to have a rather feminine work, or one of my other characters, who is supposed to have no chest to give her that childish vibe. As much as I want more clothing to be coming out constantly, I can find my way to work around the clothing stuff, but I NEED to have more diversity in body types and heights for both genders. Cause not every girl has a big chest or a perfect slim build and not every boy will have a strong looking figure.


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