Character diversity?

I like some character diversity but I was wondering how much you guys like it. Is it a must have? Is it nice to have? Do you always include it? How about backgrounders? Main characters? Just curious. Let me know what you like for characters, I’d love to know!


I don’t think a story needs diversity to be a good story, but it is always a good thing to have. I try to add it as much as I can, both when it comes to the main cast and background characters.


Well, I personally think it’s cool to see someone like you in a story, while it isn’t a requirement for me I like representation, it helps me to be able to relate to a character more. And also I like learning about other cultures so I tend to be more drawn to diverse stories

I wouldn’t say I always include it but I do make an effort, because I want my stories to reflect how many different types of people there are out there. Like I said before, I find different cultures very interesting so writing and reading about them is quite an enjoyable experience. But I also like to read about different sexualities, family structures and relationship structures


Thanks for you opinion! I agree. I try to make my characters diverse but in some of my first stories I started writing awhile ago I didn’t include tons of diversity in the main cast but I have since created tons of diverse backgrounders :slight_smile:


Well said! Thanks for your comment. I agree, I think that it’s great to have and I would like to learn more about different cultures and stuff but if it isn’t diverse I won’t stop reading it if it’s a good story (although I do tend to like diverse stories/characters more)


Just make sure that if you add diversity of any kind in your story, you do it because you want to do it and have a reason behind it other than adding diversity because that’s what people want. Don’t add diversity simply for the sake of adding diversity.


Yeah I get that. If I decide to add diversity I try to make it meaningful. Thanks for the tip and commenting :slight_smile:

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I’m the same way, I’ve read lots of good stories which in my opinion were not diverse in the slightest. It all boils down to whether the story is fun to read or not


It isn’t a must have but it certainly is nice to have. I do have diversity in the story that I’m writing. I always make sure to have a variety of diverse background characters. As for main characters, the MC in my story is Filipino-American but that’s mainly because I’m also Filipino-American. I will always have an Asian main or supporting character since it’s just a reflection of my environment (I live in Hawaii where Asians are the majority).

I don’t like seeing diversity for the sake of diversity. By that, I mean that I don’t like people writing our diverse characters just to check off a box on their list and I especially don’t like to see minorities portrayed badly like if they’re very stereotypical. If you decide to write diverse main characters, make sure you do your research and do them justice.


For me, diversity isn’t always there. I grew up in a dominantly white area, literally there was one Muslim family and I never learnt about diversity so when I moved it was like a whole new world.

If I was to set a story there I wouldn’t add diversity because it wouldn’t show what that place is actually like.

If your story is set in a place where a certain ethnicity is the only one there than why try to make people happy with adding diversity.

I love diversity but it’s not everywhere. And when stories have CC/POC/ LGBTQ feels like that one annoying girl who tries too much and you get tired of seeing her real quick. People should read your story because it’s good and intriguing not because there’s diversity.


diviersity is like spices you dont need them but its better when they are there. just dont go and make them only background charateres. almost evry story has this background muslim


Thank you! I understand what you’re saying. Your characters sound cool :slight_smile:

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I agree! Thank you.

Good advice, thanks!

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Straighten up, no one needs to add diversity. Most people won’t appreciate you representing something of theirs (such as religion, race, nationality, etc.) just to make your cast diverse. Besides, diversity isn’t about packing all races, sexualities, religions and more into your story, putting a :heavy_check_mark: and calling it a day. Not the point of diversity at all! Besides, cramming all so many different races or other into one character makes it look unrealistic.

But I highly recommend you add diversity into your story. Why? Because it helps you make your story realistic and unique. I think it’s important to show how the world is so diversed since humans are different in many ways - if it’s their opinions, beliefs, values and more (people could have different opinions, so why can’t character have different opinions, beliefs and values too?). That makes our world full of colors and wonderful! It’s a natural part of this world, meaning that it should be natural in your story too. In addition, it can help bust stereotypes.

By the way, adding diversity isn’t only representing religions, races, sexualities and ethnicity, but you can also represent disabilities.

If you ask me, no diversity will only make your story characters look the same in many ways, which is very boring.
If you should do it? As much as I personally would love to see lots of diversity in others’ stories, that’s not my call to make, but I would recommend you.
If you don’t include diversity, take into consideration that you might have readers who rightfully will give you constructive criticism on this, but you don’t have to agree with them.

Well, I myself haven’t published any story yet, but I am working on a story full of diversity. And the story’s main character will be Jewish!

My advices for how to add and show diversity well:

  1. Do researches- you should make the characters people first. Don’t create characters belonging to specific religion/race/disability/etc. if you don’t know anything about it. But you not knowing about what you want to represent isn’t a reason to why not include them. And when doing researches, make sure that whatever they wrote about minorities is NOT based on stereotypes. After all, adding diversity’s purpose is also to bust stereotypes.

  2. Ask questions- another way you can learn about minorities is to ask people. You can ask people who belong to what you want to represent. For example, you could ask me about Judaism and Israel if you want to create Jewish and/or Israeli characters, or about the Beta Israel community people.

No question is a stupid question. Every question could definitely help you avoid creating stereotypical characters. But when asking question, be specific. For instance, if you ask someone “tell me about your religion”, explain what do you mean by that.

When you’re doing researches and asking questions, there are things you need to think about:

  • Beliefs
  • Customs and traditions
  • Struggles
  • Languages

Just to name a few.

  1. (a. When representing a minority group, make sure to show that the characters are individuals and members of the group at the same time.

b) When I say “show that the characters are individuals” I mean to give them a personality. Even if they’re belonging to the same minority group, it doesn’t mean that they behave and think the same.

  1. Be open to feedback- Not gonna lie, you might make mistakes from time to time. I mean, diversity isn’t something easy to get right. There are stereotypes you should watch out. And that’s okay if you make mistakes! But be willing to listen and learn from your readers. If not all, most of them won’t hate you for doing something they don’t agree with. In case you’re lucky, they’ll tell you what’s wrong and how to improve.

  2. When creating your story cast, give each character a personality and background. Remember - the characters are people, so each character has his/her own beliefs, opinions, flaws and more.


Thanks so much! I understand your points and although I haven’t published yet either I still am working on stories and will try my best to follow the advice.

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I just think it’s a little bit worrying that it’s a question! I mean, the world is diverse. Why shouldn’t writing be? :sweat_smile:


Hi! I definitely didn’t mean to make it come across to not portray the world as it is, I was just curious on people’s reactions if there wasn’t much diversity. I do plan on using it and I understand your point, thanks for commenting!

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There’s nothing wrong with what you said! Don’t get me wrong! It’s just the way society thinks that worries me. I mean, we’re in the 21st century and it’s still a thing to talk about whether or not it matters if POCs and LGBTQ+ people should be in stories just as much as straight white people! That’s mental! :exploding_head:

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I agree! I hope our society is moving in the right direction. I’m not saying that you said anything wrong I just wanted to make sure that it didn’t sound like I didn’t want to include it or think it’s important

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