Character edit help

Hi!!! It’s been a while since I was last on here but a lot of issues have been going on that has pretty much disrupted me enjoying life. Thing are getting better now, i’ve been planning my story that I have more notes for, and characters so I’m happy now. Just one thing, I have an extremely indecisive personality and never know whether or not I want to go with this or that.

I was wondering if anyone would be available and/or willing to edit the characters I have so far to see how they look as a whole? Mainly so I can be 100% sure I like their looks and how they blend well as a group together. Anyways, if anyone is willing to, I would soooooo appreciate it!:heart::heart::heart:


I’m glad you’re doing better!



Sure! PM me.


Sure!! If you want you can either pm or check my art shop :wink:

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