Character Edit requests! (OPEN)

Hey! I’m taking character edit requests because I want to practice making edits. If you have any questions pm me!

RULES (please read)
  1. You need to credit me when ever you use your character edit!
    2.I will pm to let you know if your request gets accepted! If I haven’t pm after 5 days or more about your request that means that your request didn’t get accepted!
    3.Your request won’t be accepted if you don’t use the password: Artistic

Check my Instagram @fatima_epy for more examples!

Request form

Character details (limit 2 characters):
Pose (I prefer a reference pose):
Other details:


Omg girl you’re so talented!!! xxx

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it says we need a password?

Thank you so much!! :sob: :heart:

Yes, look at the rules :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t need anything but your examples are beautiful :white_heart:

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Thank you! :heart:

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Hey I need an edit

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Character details (limit 2 characters): 1

Pose (I prefer a reference ):

Background: black
Password: artistic
Instagram: silver_rose.epi


Other details: Notch Eyebrow and Lip Piercing

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Can you make it?

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Yes! Request accepted!

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You want the same facial expression and the suite case right?

Yea pls

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Can you do LL?!

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Yes! I can send u examples if u want :blush:

Please send me.


  • Character details: (limit 2 characters):
    Ps: her eye are grey and his are blue
  • Pose (I prefer a reference pose): * My 2 characters like staring at each other kinda like challenging, with a really sarcastic look on his face really really pissed (kinda gangsta) on hers.
    Ps: use the side that shows her tattoos if you can.
    Background: half and half if you can. His half: something that resembles wealthy. Her half: something gangster like.
    If you can’t just make them at school.
    Instagram: ihi.episode
    Clothes: The ones they are wearing on the photo
    Other details: none
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I tried to change my style. I hope you like it!
Lmk if you’d like anything changed! :blush: