Character Edits Please?

Does anyone know anyone that makes Limelight character edits?
(Please include examples)

I believe @Bellarina_CH does Limelight edits. For esamples, you can check out her art on her instagram @bellarina.episode or you can search for her story “H&V: Deadly Seven”.


Thank you!
(Her art request are closed. :frowning: )

No problem. Oh sorry then. :frowning:

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Do you still need a cover

I need a character edit.

oh I only make splash and covers

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That’s fine.

I think @Miss_Moonlight does

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Thankyou for pointing me out :blush:

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Hi there! I can help you if you need it in no rush. I’ll be available and open for request again about next week or in May

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No problem. :wink:

@Jayla12 and @AbbeyX_295 make amazing edits

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:relaxed: Thank you! @EM_EPISODE