Character Edits Request


I know this is a BIG ask, but would anyone be up for doing 6 individual character edits for me?

I can send more details via message.

Thank you in advance!!


yes me and my team can


When you say character edits, do you mean like drawing or just adding countour and stuff. If it’s the latter, I can help you out! I’ll attach a couple of my examples below.

My work


They are really good! Yeah it is just an edit like that depicting their personalities.


Okay! Just send me the character information, outfit, and animation. Also would you just like me to just do it as normal, or are there any specific props or anything else you would like?


They’re really good :two_hearts::two_hearts:


examples here


Thank you! I really admire your work as well!


Aww thank you :blush::blush: sorry I replied late I was making a long ass new topic :joy::joy: