Character edits?

Hey peeps!
So I’ve been looking through some threads about “character edits” in this forum and see a lot of good stuff on the thread. (P.S Looks really stunning I must say, Kudos to the talented artists in this forum. Keep up the good work! :sparkling_heart:)

So I just have some questions about character edits (Since I’m new here, Idk much about these type of stuffs…)

  1. Can character edits become a pfp, cover, art scenes or any other art related, if so, do we or I as the requester, have the right to show it to other people or readers about the character edits?

  2. Does requesting character edits to other thread considered as wrong from the artist?

  3. How does character edits work exactly? what’s the use??

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First of all welcome💕

  1. Yes character edits are used as art scene pfp…And yes you can show to other readers and artists💕

2.Yes its considered wrong because the artists put a lot of effort and if the requester doesnt use it .then it feels like waste of time and energy💕

3.Most people use it as profile pictures art scene or some use it for introducing characters in their story💕

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We called pfp(profile pictures) Characters edits. It you want to request a cover, just say cover. Same with art scenes, background and splashes.
Hope this is clear so there are no confusion. :sweat:

You mean requesting the same art piece(a cover/splashes/art scenes) from different artist? It’s not wrong, but unless you will use both of them, or it will just be a waste of time. So I suggest not to.
However, I think you can request as much pfp from different artist you want(If you like to change it a lot) as long as you use them. (other artist may disagree, this is just my opinion)

Character edit is basically a drawing of a character/person. Since this is an Episode community, we use episode characters to trace over, then color it.
There are 2 types of characters edit, you either choose from fully drawn or edit(which means the artist only add light/shadow and edits an image of your character, they don’t draw the whole thing )
Hope I helped. My English is kinda bad sorru if you don’t understand.

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Adding onto @Silver_Shadow, a character edit can also be when somebody cuts out a character and puts them onto a new background for their cover or splash or art scene. Something like that, and might possibly add some cool designs to it.

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Hey guys :slight_smile:
I just came back from a really busy week so I apologize for replying late :sweat_smile:
@_Ansh_L @ThatRandomPerson and @Silver_Shadow thank you all for answering my question/s it really removed the confusion towards the character edits topic.

So once again thank you very much!~ :two_hearts:


@Jeremy can you close this thread? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thread closed as per Potato request :wink: