Character Entering


I am writing a story but the problem is that whenever I want to enter the character into the scene it goes straight to the dialogue after the command. It is my first story I’ve written and I don’t want to trash it. So someone please help me! :frowning:


Can I see it?


Try adding

@pause for a beat

After what you wrote




It didn’t work. Here is the highlighted problem that I have. IMG_3349


It’s not very clear. Can you maybe copy and paste the script instead?



@NORA enters from right to screen center

@pause for a beat

    NORA (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
My name is Nora. Nora Pearl Summers. I moved from Austin, Texas to Beverly Hills, California.

    NORA (talk_neutral_loop)
Its been a few months since I been living here. I have a new friend name Jen Tinkers.


Is that because the last place you click was the text not the character entering?


What exactly are you trying to do?


I am trying to make Nora enter the stage from the right to screen center. However, when I preview it, it skips the entrance and goes to the dialogue.


Did you preview it in the app?




The web previewer can be glitchy, so try playing out the scene on your mobile device.




Try previewing in the app because sometimes the web previewer glitches


It says that she idle


Try resetting your story progress.




Yeah since you put the @pause for a beat she will idle then talk