I know on the original forums there was a thread like this but since there isn’t one on this forums I’ll make it then.

So many people in the world have freckles, whether it’s a few on their nose or covering their entire body. It would be great to see episode characters for both INK and Limelight have freckles whether it be a feature for the nose or a skin option.

I think it would also be great to see this on a red/orange haired character as not all but a lot of people who are naturally red, orange, ginger and such have freckles (myself included), it kind of is the stereotype. But many people of all skin tone and hair colour have freckles!

LIMELIGHT Face Features

Hi @Infinite! Good idea with the freckles! Please make sure to update your thread title to follow the feature request guidelines and keep in mind they are the same rules as the ones on the original forums. Thanks a bunch!


Ok sure, just out of curiosity which one do I put it under? Would it be feature?


I would put “Character Feature” :sunglasses:




Thank you😄


Sorry about that :tired_face: I saw the thread wasn’t up here and thought may as well make one as soon as possible to get this feature implemented :woman_shrugging:t3:


It is okay


This is a great idea.


i don’t get that, isn’t freckles a popular idea? nobody really owns it, and you can’t “steal” it


I made this post first on the old forums.

FEATURES: Different Types Of Skin Outside Of Color

still fully not ur idea. nobody really owns that, and i totally get what you mean since you made the post, but this is a community and using the term “stole my idea” is a little impulsive.


Ok fine. I’ll delete it. I just had it first, and I’m not trying to hate on Mia.


i know, i was just pointing out that it was a little uninhibited/penurious to say.

since you put out your idea to the public (in this case it’s a quite large community), you can’t really get accuse someone for re-posting it.




I support this!


Support! I would love to have characters with freckles in my story, great idea!


I soooo agree with this!!




100% support this, adding an option of face/body markings in the create a character section would definitely improve charcters (adding stuff like freckles, beauty marks, birth marks etc)